Dark Circles Under The Eye And Their Best Home Remedies

Some major reasons for having dark circles under the eye

  1. There is a great reason for not being able to sleep completely and fatigue is also a dark circle. Many people get used to watching TV and mobile phones. Due to too much focus, there are dark circles under the eye.
  2. If there is a shortage of water in the body, even then dark circles become under the eye. Due to an excessive amount of alcohol and smoking, there are dark circles under the eye.
  3. Due to excessive sunlight and working, there is a problem of pigmentation on the face and also dark circles under the eyes. Apart from allergic, hormonal imbalance, pregnancy, fatigue, iron deficiency, etc.
  4. Make-up can also be a reason, which can have black circles under your eyes. When you use makeup for your eyes, which remains for a long time. It closes the pores surrounding your eyes, causing the skin under your eyes to get black.
  5. Genetics is also considered to be a cause of dark circles. Because of which, many times this problem takes the form of a disease, and after the occurrence of anyone in the family, other members of the family also get started.
  6. The nerves found under the skin of your eyes can also be a cause of dark circles. The veins which are under the eyes are also blue in color. Those who look like dark circles, but they are only with those whose eyes are thinner under their eyes. In this way, their veins start to appear, due to which there are dark circles under your eyes.
  7. Eczema is also a real cause which causes dark circles. If it is often itching in your eyes and you repeatedly rub your eyes to reduce it, then there may also be dark circles under the eyes.

17 important tips to get rid of dark circles under the eye

Add a mashed white part of aloe vera in spoonful honey then apply it on the entire face and neck with the skin around the eyes. Using it, you will be able to get rid of the Dark Circle with a blurred skin.

One spoon of honey is to mix the cucumber juice and then apply it along with the eyes as well on the whole face. By doing this for only two weeks continuously, you will get rid of the problem of the dark circle.


Cut cucumber slices and put it in the freeze for a while. After this, when it gets cold, keep it on your eyes. Do this twice a day, you will get benefits in about ten days.

Put the potatoes in the freezer for a few hours. Then remove its peel and grind it, and soak it cotton in this juice and leave it for fifteen minutes by putting it around the eyes. Then wash the eyes with water.


Mix a little grated potato in teaspoon honey and then add some drops of rose water to it. You can also put it on your face with your eyes. By applying this, the dark circles are removed as soon as the facial scars are removed.

Soak the rose water in cotton, and put it around the eyes thoroughly and leave it for fifteen minutes, then wash it with water. Regular use of it daily in the morning and evening, eyes will shine in a few weeks.

Get reed dark circles under the eye with almond oil


Keep in mind that the skin under the eyes is very sensitive. Therefore, it is considered best to use almond oil under the eyes. Take a little almond oil and put it under the eyes well before sleeping at night. Wash the face with water the next morning.

Mix a few drops of almond oil into one teaspoon honey and mix it well, put it on the face along with the eyes. After some time you wash the face with the help of lukewarm water. You yourself will start to feel the difference in a few days.

You have to take a spoon of honey and banana. Then mix a piece of banana with honey and apply under the eye. If you have problems with inflammation in your eyes, then it will also be removed. Let it dry for some time after applying it on the face and then wash the face with water.

Get reed dark circles under the eye with Lemon and tomato juice

Mix a little lemon juice in tomato juice and keep it under the eyes. Take a little caution while keeping it as it is used in lemon. Keep this pack for one hour and then wash it with cold water. Tomatoes will help ease blood cells from the skin beneath the eyes so that skin toning will occur.

If the skin around the eyes is very fragile, then it will be better to use lip made from natural things. Grind 4 to 4 almonds and mix a little milk in it and keep it around the dark circles under the eyes. Wash the next morning with cold water.

In the summer the leaves of mint leaves are abundant. Grind them and mix a little honey and place it around the eyes and wash it after 15 minutes. This will reduce the scars. Also, add glycerin with orange juice and apply it. This pack will provide relief to the eyes and dark circles will also be less.


Get reed dark circles under the eye with tea leaves

Boil 2 teaspoons tea leaves in a cup of water for 2 minutes. Then filter it and divide this water into 2 parts. Put a portion in the freezer and cool it. And let the other stay warm. Now put the cotton in this hot water and keep it under the eyes for 2 minutes. After minutes immerse the cotton in cold water and compress it. In this way, make 5 times compress cold and hot. Take this remedy for more than 1 to 2 times a week.

To get rid of the dark circles under the eyes, keep the Green Tea Bags in the fridge for a while so that it becomes very cold. After this keep it on your eyes. Keep them for at least 15 minutes and then wash your eyes with clean water.

Take two spoon turmeric powder in a bowl. Put a little pineapple juice and mix well and make a paste. After this, put it in the dark circle under your eyes and keep it for 15 minutes. After this, clean it with wet cloth slowly wipe it out. Then wash your eyes with cold water. This will give you quick benefits.

Remove the orange or carrot juice and soak the cotton wool and keep it on the eyes for some time. This will benefit a lot in the Dark Circle.