How to do Yoga Jaanu Naman Asana

Jaanu Naman Yoga Asana and Its Benefits

Jaanu Naman Yoga Asana

The knee is called in Hindi Jaanu and Naman means flexible. Jaanu Naman is said to fold and straighten the knees in order. Jaanu Naman falls under the operation of the body. The person remains as young as long as all his organs and joints remain undisturbed. As age increases, the person starts having diseases related to joints. The limbs begin to feel pain. It does not move much further or does not go up too much. In such a situation, you should do Jaanu Naman Yoga Asana. Those people who continue to do Jaanu Naman Yoga Asana do not have this problem.

Benefits of Yoga Asana

Yoga is the exercise of every part of the body, through which the body becomes athletic, healthy and strong. Asanas govern the activities of five body parts, nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system, systematically. By which the body remains completely healthy and there is no disease. There is the right to the beads in the development of physical, mental, intellectual and spiritual areas. Other exercise methods only have the ability to affect the outer body, whereas Yogas develops human’s all-around development.

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In the rugs where the muscles need to stretch, shrink and cringe. On the other hand, there are also actions to remove stress. By which the fatigue of the body is eliminated and the expenditure energy is recovered from the rugs. Yoga has its own distinct significance in terms of refreshing the body and mind, fulfilling their lost power, and spiritual gain.

How to do Yoga Jaanu Naman Asana

To do this posture, first of all, lay a soft rim or blanket on the ground. Then sit in the position of Dandasana, that is, sitting in front of both legs, and sit.
Now fold the right foot knee and hold both fingers together at the bottom of the right thigh. Straighten the leg right while breathing, keep the toes in the outer side and feel the strain in the knee muscles. This will make your both hands straight. Keep in mind that the heel should be slightly above the ground.
In the second stage, turn the right leg through the knee and try to bring the thigh closer to the chest by the pressure of the palms. In this condition, the breath will be completely exhausted and the foot will turn inward.

Caution for Jaanu Naman Asana

Keep in mind that the heel is slightly above the ground. Doing this will make your both hands straight.

Benefits of Jaanu Naman Asana

The pain of the back, waist, and other joints, it gives us the feeling of youth in old age. Many research proves that the use of Jaanu-Naman asana can also be rid of sexual diseases in many ways.