Pregnancy Problems And Best Solutions

Problems and their solutions during pregnancy

Being a mother is the biggest dream of any woman’s life. Just one year after marriage, every woman gets excited to become a mother of a child. There is an urgent need to take some precautions in the long process from pregnancy to delivery. So that the problems must be met at least. Here is the description of complications coming during pregnancy.

Vomiting and constipation complaint during pregnancy:

In the early stages of conception, there is often a complaint of morning vomiting and constipation for the sixth month and often after pregnant, the pregnant self begins to feel completely healthy. Many times this problem persists until late in the evening.

Do not be worried about such a condition, because usually after the eighth week the problem is automatically eliminated. Protect yourself from the complaint of constipation during pregnancy.

Constipation during pregnancy is a common complaint of pregnant women, but it is mandatory to control the problem; Because being constricted for long periods is harmful to health. Intestinal weakness is often the main cause of constipation.

During pregnancy, the light diet should be taken every possible early. Before going to the toilet, drink lemon juice with lukewarm water. Drink more and more quantity of water throughout the day. Consuming castor oil with milk before sleeping can get rid of this problem.

High/Low blood pressure during pregnancy

High or Low blood pressure during pregnancy

In pregnancy, blood pressure increases due to excess of the amount of salt in food and excess water holding the capacity of water several times. Therefore it is mandatory to have regular blood pressure checks in order to know that no more power is spent in blood circulation.

Normal blood pressure should be between 120/80 to 129/80. Along with high blood pressure, many times this problem also causes low blood pressure problems. Do not panic in such a situation, because it is not a disease.

Due to low blood pressure many times fatigue, looseness and sleep are felt. Tension, no relaxation, anxiety, anger, obesity, smoking, intoxication, excessive food, excessive consumption of salt in food causes high blood pressure. For this, it is mandatory to consult the doctor and not take any medicines without consulting the doctor and checking.

Blennenteria during pregnancy:

This is a common problem for women. The vaginal path of women is often wet. And during the sexual excitement, this wetness rises. During the conception, while the ovum leaves from the ovary and moves towards the uterus through the oviduct, this wetting increases even during this period.

Therefore do not worry and medical is also not necessary. The main reason is the lack of nutrition. Due to the absence of nutrients in the diet during pregnancy, vitamin and calcium deficiency in the body and lack of blood is likely to cause anemia complication.

Often, white secretion increases due to infection inside the vagina. Do not forget to consult your doctor if the amount of secretion is high. In such a condition, doctors often recommend pills in the vagina or use anti-fungal cream.

Due to infection, there is often yellow thick matter secretion, with the complaint of white water secretion, along with itching and irritation. If the symptoms of the disease are severe, bleeding also occurs with white water. Medical counseling is essential in such a condition.

At this stage, you should take full care of the body’s cleanliness. Wash and clean the vaginal region frequently and keep dry. The panties should be replaced soon and should be worn by all possible cotton panties.

During pregnancy, blood stains are also seen with vaginal secretion several times during cohorts. Be careful in such a situation otherwise, there is a possibility of future problems arising. As far as possible, during pregnancy physical hygiene should be avoided.

Abnormality during pregnancy:

Pregnant women are often seen as weight gain, swelling in the organs and hypertension as well as burning sensation in the urine, difficulty in breathing, rapid heartbeat, sudden vaginal discharge, and major abnormalities.

It is mandatory to consult a physician in such a condition. Pregnant women should periodically check weight, blood pressure and urination. During pregnancy, the weight of the pregnant woman should not exceed 10 kilograms with normal weight.

After the third month, weighs 1 to 1.5 kilograms per month of pregnancy, and the weight gain stops almost two weeks before delivery. At this stage, the doctor advises eating at least salt in the diet so that blood pressure is controlled.

Nutritious food during pregnancy:

Pregnant should take special care on his diet from the beginning. To get full nutrition for the child, the number of nutrients in the diet – such as proteins, minerals, salts, and vitamins – should be more than normal. For pregnant grains, grains for calcium, the quantity of milk in your diet, spinach for ferrous elements and green vegetables and salads for mineral-salts and vitamins should be taken in more quantity. In the morning and evening light travels, sleeping at night sleeping in a stress-free sleeping work.

Lack of blood During the last stage of pregnancy, there is often anemia in the body of a pregnant woman. During pregnancy 12 to 32 weeks of pregnancy increases the need for blood in the body. Due to which the nutrients, especially the iron element, are in excess of the need for pregnant food.

Therefore, the pregnant diet should increase the number of fresh fruits, green vegetables, and milk. Remember- take wheat, rice, potato, jaggery, sugar, carbohydrate items as much as you need to maintain physical strength. Otherwise, they consume more intake of lethargy with obesity and many diseases.

These days, reduce the amount of lube and carbohydrate and increase the amount of protein in the same proportion. In a suitable diet for a pregnant woman throughout the day, 250 grams of milk, 30 grams of fruit, 150 grams of green leafy vegetables, 150 grams of green vegetables, 350 grams of rice, 350 grams of cereals, 35 grams of oil, 40 grams of sugar are sufficient.

It is important to avoid migraine which means that the pregnant woman may have to face many problems. Eating more or having fried things, food or spicy foods often complain of indigestion. Lack of appetite is a common problem in pregnancy, which often leads to difficulty when eating and stress situation arises. Soreness in the stomach, the sourness of the stomach, and sourness of the mouth, and vomiting are natural activities.

If the disease is worse, add salt and salt in the lukewarm water to cure it. If you still feel uncomfortable, boil the mint leaves in a half cup and drink some cardamom powder in it. The pregnant woman, who is suffering from indigestion, should not be given food for twenty-four hours. But yes, fruit juices can be fed.